Module 3 Weebly

So due to some unfortunate family circumstances, I have gotten pretty far behind in this class. However, I’ll try not to let these setbacks hinder my progress in this class from this point forward.

Weebly is a great tool to learn basic web design.  It’s drag-and-drop easy to use builder is key in understanding just how a website is put together.  Weebly’s free to use and is easily accessible even automatically making the user’s website work on a mobile platform.  The storage for users is unlimited and it’s simple to check the statistics of your site to see how well it is performing.

At the start of building your website there’s a plethora of options for customizing your site starting with themes.  I chose the James Coleman theme simply because it seemed like the easiest one to customize and I liked the style.  Maybe once the website is a bit more established and has content on it then I might change the theme, as for right now it’s acceptable.  Once the theme is chosen you are given immediate freedom to drag-and-drop the elements you want to add or omit.  I took out the stock background and replaced it with a different picture that fit the background and feel of the theme.  Next, I added a contact/info page and added a short sentence about me as well as a email address to contact me.  Building a website like this is a learning process and as I become more familiar with Weebly and its features, I can truly customize the site to make it my own.


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