With the Grammy Awards recently passed, I just wanted to reflect on my favorite album from 2016 that was noticeable absent from the award’s ceremony.  Over the past couple years it has become increasingly apparent that the Grammys are usually given to the artists that can move the most units and make the most money, just look at how many awards Adele won this past year.  Album of the year, song of the year, record of the year and best pop solo performance beating out Beyonce and other very talented artists.  Adele’s 25 is by no means a bad album, but by looking at the sales records you can see why the industry pushes and promotes music that sales well.  The global estimate of sales on her album is 20,000,000 units.  In the opening week of release alone it broke 3,000,000 in sales in the US.

Frank Ocean’s Album Blonde is so good it gives me a headache.



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