Module 6 Creating Video for the Web

Video has a verity  of uses throughout the internet.  Many websites are solely dedicated to producing and sharing videos like YouTube or DailyMotion.  These videos usually are for entertainment purposes but others can be instructional or educational.  The videos featured in this week’s module are educational and show insight into a specific field that people wouldn’t necessarily be exposed to otherwise.

A quick well-done video can explain difficult theories, protocols, procedures etc. to its viewers, especially if they are visual learners.  A video has the advantage of explaining a process and demonstrating it in real time, something that written instructions cannot do.

With my website specifically, I can use a video possibly on my “About” page.  Through a video, I could give an introduction to the website, what my website is about and how visitors can navigate the site to access the content they want.  Since I want my site to have a page to contact me for freelance video camera work,  I could use video footage to showcase my editing and cinematography skills.  From the Creating and Using Web Video Never Easier article:  “Professional videographers can help you produce very high quality, engaging videos, just like a graphic designer can help you produce high quality print materials.”

To make my video’s look more professional I could use some tips from the lighting for film YouTube video.  My personal camera that I use is a Cannon Vixia HF 10 which is pretty good for amateur film making.  I also have a shotgun microphone attachment on the top to record sound at a higher quality.  As for editing software, at the moment I’m using a free version of Wondershare Filmora, however I do plan to invest in a copy of Adobe Premier Elements.


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