Module 7 Writing and Managing Email

Keeping up with the emails I receive has always been a problem for me.  With the 3 or 4 different email accounts that I use, all of the messages in my inboxes get overwhelming.  In the past I’ve missed important emails addressed to me from school or work simply because I overlooked them while cleaning out my inbox.  I didn’t start categorizing and filtering my emails early enough, and now my inbox is a lot more organized.

In gmail, it’s very easy to create a folder simply by typing in a keyword in the search bar and clicking “Creat a Filter with this Search.”  Then you choose what you want the filter to do then create it.  Gamestop, school, work, spam, and class specific filters are the ones I use in my gmail account.  This keeps the clutter to a minimum, and organizes the emails so that they are easily available under the filters.  The filters are extremely useful.  Since I use multiple accounts, the ability to filter out emails from those other accounts is great.  From the 7 Gmail Filters to Make Email Less of a Chore article, “If you’re using Gmail to consolidate messages from other email accounts then you can easily direct these emails away from your main inbox. In the Gmail search box, pick up messages sent to your secondary address. Open up the drop-down dialog and create a filter from the search, then choose to mark these messages as read as they come in.”

Mr. Willis,

Next Monday I will need to leave class early for a doctor’s appointment.  I could meet with you after class this week to discuss the content I will be missing.  Thank you.

-Jacob Estes J00329147




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