Module 4 Customization

In Weebly, you’re able to customize most fonts and images on the site just using the options tab.  This alone offers a variety of options users can use to make their site unique.  Weebly also added a code editor for even more control over the look of the website.  This code editor allows for html as well as css computer languages to be utilized on the site.

These are some of the tips I learned when organizing a websites design and specifically making a homepage.  The first tip from the killer website video, refrain from making the website flashy where there’s a lot happening on screen.  This can deter visitors simply because it can be overwhelming and distract them from the overall focus of the site, a more streamlined website is better.  The next tip from the Organizing Web Content article is to organize your pages into logical categories, i.e. keeping all the recipes in the recipes tab and the food reviews in the reviews tab.  The third tip, also from the killer website video, is that the website home page should act as a table of contents and should be easily understandable.  Next, from the article, the about page should include some background information about the website, its founders, the purpose etc.  This is also a chance to include pictures of you, the organization or team.  The last tip, and one of the more important fundamentals of web design, is knowing your target audience.  It’s understanding who is coming to your website, what they are getting out of it and can your website easily fulfill your visitor’s needs.


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